Pre Nursery Learning Kit

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Pre Nursery Learning Kit

XoftOasis offers a easy learning kit programm for children between age of three and five years. Our Pre-Nursery Learning kit provides support to children in their early education, offering a one-stop approach to deliver best results and childcare response to parents.
Pre-Nursery Learning Kit provides an interactive user interface which makes it user friendly and easy to understand for children. It offers interesting games which help the children learn things faster than conventional methods.

Pre-Nursery Education is a crucial part of a child’s development and helps children to learn as they play. A good quality pre-school experience builds the valuable learning that takes place in and around the home and develops the understanding and other essential skills, which children will rely on throughout his/her life. Combination of education and childcare is key to success and enables them to balance work and family life. We offer many such activites along with some additionl features in our Learning kit and try our best to provide a better enviorment for child's learning experience.