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XoftOasis offers Managed Email Marketing Services for successful Email Performance to business and enterprises. The service encompasses the complete process of strategy making, conceptualization, campaign design, Testing, Deployment, Campaign Monitoring and analytical inputs for effective targeting.

Do your emails stand out in a crowded inbox? Our email marketing campaign service team is comprised of highly talented in-house specialists and creative services experts who are 100% dedicated to designing and deploying beautiful, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly emails, landing pages, and preference centers that will deliver the results you’re looking for in your next campaigns.

Our Digital Services Team can help you to meet all of your bulk email, e-newsletter and e-bulletin campaign requirements, goals and objectives, and create highly effective and engaging email campaigns.

Campaign deployment

Our campaign deployment specialists will seamlessly integrate with your marketing team to ensure that your campaigns are sent without a hitch. Our service includes data import, segmentation, message creation, testing, and deployment.

Email design

Are you interested in responsive email designs or the latest in mobile design trends? Our designers work closely with coders to ensure that your emails render perfectly across all browsers, clients, and devices. We can design one-off campaigns or re-useable templates with flexible layouts.

Landing page and preference center design

Make sure your customers continue to have a great experience after they leave your email. We'll also design and build eye-catching landing pages and preference centers.

Creative audit

Our strategic consultants will audit your current emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms to identify areas of improvement that will enhance performance and help you maximize your ROI.


Coding emails can be a nightmare. Let our team of coding experts make sure that your email renders perfectly across all browsers, clients, and devices.

Full Service

Combine some or all of the above services with our Full Service offering. We are happy to create a tailored package that will meet your business needs.

Our ‘Email Campaign Management’ offering is a range of services - and highly experienced email marketing experts - dedicated to making your campaigns as successful as they can possibly be. In short, we take everything off your plate (and we’re not just talking about the design, build and execution of your email campaigns but also the co-ordination of platform training, migration of your data and creative assets and so on) leaving you to concentrate on other pressing tasks. And as we’ll use your data and your existing setup, you can easily take over if and when you have the time.